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Would you like to enjoy an extraordinary adventure in North Sardinia?
One easy way is to book a daily excursion in the National Park of La  Maddalena with the
 "tahiti ketch" Nicopeja.

The trip will take you out to the beautiful island archipelago of La  Maddalena, off Sardinia`s popular tourist area of Costa Smeralda and  across the Bonifacio Straight to Corsica`s prettiest  islands.

The seven islands of the La  Maddalena archipelago have been inhabited since prehistoric times and  served as a busy shipping area for the Romans. The islands were then  disputed by the republics of Pisa and Genoa before being abandoned for a few  hundred years. Gradually, they were colonised again by Corsican  shepherds and early Sardinian settlements and they have historic links  with Napoleon, Nelson and Garibaldi.

These  days the islands are a designated National Park and a wildlife haven.  The clear waters and the wild granite coastlines make them popular with  tourists, particularly boat enthusiasts.

The  Nicopeja will take you to the islands of Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria,  Razzoli and Caprera. The archipelago has 180km of coasts and you can  enjoy the best beaches in the Mediterranean.
On Spargi,  the beaches of Cala Corsara and Cala Granara are worth looking out for.  Also keep an eye out for the famous Spaggia Rosa del Cavaliere (the Pink Beach) on Budelli.

The islands of Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli surround the emerald green lagoon of Porto della Madonna. Santa Maria  is almost linked up to Razzoli to its north by the Passo degli Asinelli. Building is now forbidden on the island of Santa Maria due to its  unsuitability for development, but you can still discover a historic  small monastery where Benedictine monks took shelter in the Middle  Ages.

Only a few kilometres separate the  Corsican islands of Lavezzi and Cavallo from Sardinia, but in the past  many a ship came to grief crossing the treacherous sea channel,  including the French frigate Semillante in 1855, when 750 men lost their lives. These days the lighthouse of Lavezzi guides ships safely through the strait.

Lavezzi is small archipelago of  granite islands and reefs. The sea gives the best vantage point for the  caves and other landmarks on Lavezzi, including the view of the old town perching on top
of the island`s famous chalk cliffs.

North of Lavezzi lies the small  inhabited island of Cavallo where luxurious villas, a runway and private harbour were built during the 1970s. <br>
The  best way to see all these islands is undoubtedly by sea and cruising on  the Nicopeja will make your trip even more of an adventure. As well as  seeing the many tourist hotspots, you can also enjoy snorkelling with  the reef fish in the clear seas around the islands. Your stomach
will be fed as well as your mind, with wining and dining on the deck.

Sardinia is a popular tourist destination and is therefore easily accessible,
with many  Sardinia flights available from airports around the UK

and from Germany via www.airberlin.de directly to OLBIA

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 I N F O S   &   B O A T   D E P A R T U R E S

  Sailing Ship  “Nicopeja”  lies at anchor in Palau - 1 hour north of Olbia, Sardinia.

  Location: Harbour of Palau -  Pontile G (Pier G)

  Departure: of Nicopea in Palau: 10.00 am  -  Arrival: 6:00  pm

  Group capacity: 9 passengers max.

        Skipper Franco Angiulli speaks: Italian, English, French and a little bit German





For more informations and bookings please contact Skipper Franco Angiulli:
francoangiulli@yahoo.it     Mobile : +39 3342 56 96 79


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